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Home Caribbean map showing Trinidad, the birthplace of steel drums (steelpans). Introduction to Bertie Marshall, Tony Slater, Steel Island Steel Pans.
Trinidad Map showing city of Port of Spain located within Trinidad
Port of Spain Port of Spain, Trinidad map with location of large steelband panyards, including Desperadoes and John John - birth place of steel drums (steelpans).
History History of the creation and development of steel drums (steel pans), including steelpan inventors and innovators in Trinidad.
Culture Culture surrounding pans, steelbands, and panyards and how Trinidad steelband culture developed.
People Bertie Marshal, master tuner and streaming video. Tony Slater, tuner.
Bertie Marshall Bertie Marshal, Steel Island master tuner, inventor, innovator, creator of steelpans harmonic tuning (the most signifant development in today's steelpan tone), steel pans amplification, inventor of double tenor, modernizer of current standard styles of steelpans.
Tony Slater Tony Slater, Steel Island steelpans maintenance tuner, tuning and workshops for schools in U.S., Japan, and Trinidad. Tony Slater, superior knowledge of fabrication and tuning technique, collaborated on Rudlolph Charles inventions for Desperadoes.
Robert Greenidge Robert Greenidge, arranger, composer, steel pan and recording artist. Developed his skills in Trinidad. Played and arranged for Desperadoes Steel Orchestra, including Panorama championship compositions. Lists his recordings, movie sound tracks, commercials, university clinics, CD's, and availability for booking.
Club Trini Club Trini, long time members of Jimmy Buffett's Coral Reefer band, Robert Greenidge (steelpans), Michael Utley (keyboards), Ralph Macdonald (percussion), Nadirah Shakoor (vocals), Peter Mayer (guitar), Mike Mayer (bass guitar), Roger Guth (drums).
Club Trini Recommendations Club Trini recommendations from Jimmy Buffett, corporate functions (Seagram Americas and Margarittaville Holdings), Club venue (House of Blues), charity event (Canaveral Chapter National Kindney Foundation of Florida).
Steelpans Steel Island concert and recording quality steel pans are personally inspected and tuned by Bertie Marshal. The metal used in Steel Islands steelpans
is the finest and selected to Steel Island's specifications.
Endorsements Read what clients are saying about Steel Island steelpans.
C Lead Steel Island C Lead (Low Tenor Pan) steelpans for steel drum players and steelbands wanting the sonority equivalent to soprano and 1st Violin. This steel drum plays melody in the steelband, conventional band, or solo.
D Lead Steel Island D Lead (High Tenor Pan) steelpans are the high voice incorporated into steelbands, primarily in Trinidad. Special Order.
C Bore Lead Steel Island C Bore Lead steelpans for steel drum players and steelbands wanting the soprano or 1st violin voice who prefer the Lead steelpan to have more resonance and volume increasing the sound impact.
Double Tenor Steel Island Double Tenor steelpans, invented by Bertie Marshall, for steel drum players and steelbands wanting more versatility and range with the voice sonority equivalent to soprano/alto and 2nd violin.These steelpans play melody, harmony, or compliment rhythm.
Double Second Steel Island Double Second steelpans are for steel drum players and steelbands wanting the voice sonority equivalent to Alto/Violas, and provide a wider range to play melody, counter melody, and harmony within the steelband, conventional bands, or solo. Steel Island's Double Seconds are often preferred by many professional steel drum players.
Maintenance Steel Island steelpans tuning and blending prices. Tony Slater does Steel Island pan tuning maintenance.
Contact Contact Steel Island for: Information and ordering steel pans, pan tuning, steelpan CD's, and booking steel drum players (pan players).
Email: pan@steelisland.com, phone - toll free U.S. & Canada 1-800-525-6896 or 1-512-266-7995 International,
Fax - 512-266-7986, address - Steel Island P.O. Box 3223, Austin, TX 78764.


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