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We proudly invite you to read comments from our very satisfied customers on the quality of our instruments.


I just started using the C Bore on my gigs at Bahama Breeze here in Detroit and I have to tell you what a pleasure it is to play this pan. EVERY note is clear and bell-like. The notes leap out with the slightest touch and when you want to torque it a little harder, the notes are still resonant without "Borking out". When doing fast chromatic lines, you will still get that nice, clear articulation and separation on every note. The combination of the 9" skirt and the bore holes virtually eliminate those unmusical overtones that all other pans have. I'm betting that Bored Pans are going to be the wave of the future. I can't wait to get this pan into the studio. Great job Bertie! 'Dat pan IS soundin' so sweet, Mon.

Dennis Farac
Royal Oak, MI


I Just opened the case.....I love it !! The kids will love it !!


Victor Machado, Parks Facility Planner / City Landscape Architect
Stockton, CA Parks & Recreation Department


Double seconds are here. And so sweet. Love them. Merci. Love the drums. I think I can do this.
Joe Camp (writer, producer, director of the "Benji" movies)


I love the pan. I've been playing every morning trying to shake off the 15 years of dust since grad school. The country group I'm working with is finishing up their album and I'm to head back to Nashville before Christmas and add percussion tracks.
Rob Roth, Conneautville, PA


Magdolna got her pan, I was fortunate to be able to try it. Yes I was very impressed. I tried many pans before and I really liked Mr. Marsahll's pan. It was a very pleasent experience. She asked me to thank you very much.
Peter, Phoenix, AZ



I'm really liking the bore pan I bought from you at PASIC. Considering how much abuse I put it through, it's really easy for me to tune because it is constructed so well and also because there is so much space between the notes.

Bahama Breeze restaurants is opening up here in Dallas and I'm going to be the house pan player. I should be playing upwards of six nights a week, depending upon my availability. If you come up to DFW, come check it out. Also, if I get contracted to play the Austin restaurant, I'll definitely give you a heads up.

I would like to know when Tony will be in town . I would like him to inspect the pan for tune up.

Let me reiterate: I LOVE MY BORE PAN!!! Nobody has ever seen or heard anything like it.

Joe Perea



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